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The branching method that medical science goes to provide expertise is also valid for the mouth, jaw and teeth. It is essential that the mouth and jaw area, which performs many vital functions such as feeding, speaking and breathing, be healthy. Physicians step in when oral and jaw health cannot be achieved through personal care. Orthodontics is also about the jaw structure, which is evaluated together with the mouth and teeth.

The mouth, which is a complex organ, is a whole with the chin. For this reason, oral and dental health specialists are turning into specialists by branching out. Because congenital jaw disorder that is noticed in adulthood is a condition that needs to be treated. With this branch, the jaw disorder and the unhealthy tooth alignment it causes have become history.

What is Orthodontics?

The first rule of human life is nutrition. Since nutrition is made with the mouth, it is extremely important that the teeth are healthy. Not only your teeth, but also your jaw should be healthy. Imbalances during chewing are caused by the disorder of the jaw structure. This also affects speech. There are many reasons for this situation. The aim of orthodontics is to eliminate these reasons.

Different methods are used for this. Although it attracts attention mostly in children, orthodontic problems are seen in people of all ages. In patients whose jaw development continues, the teeth and jaw can be brought to the desired form with wires and prostheses. Surgical interventions and prostheses may also be required for patients at the age where these routes cannot be used. With this specialty of dentistry, it is possible to get rid of all these problems.

What is Orthodontic Disorder?

Jaw structure disorder is a condition that reduces the quality of life. There are many reasons for this. Genetic factors, habits in childhood and infancy, and nutrition may come to the fore. Problems such as instability due to the front or back of the lower jaw, the tongue or the size of the teeth are the specialty of orthodontics.

The chin is an organ that can be shaped without surgical intervention until certain ages. For this reason, even a premature tooth loss can cause a change in the jaw structure. This and similar problems cause tooth structure to deteriorate. Experts can eliminate these problems.

What are the Causes of Orthodontic Problems?

There can be many different reasons for the disorder in the jaw structure. Starting treatment early is the long-term but best way to get results. The causes of tooth structure disorders caused by the jaw structure, which are frequently seen, can be listed as follows:

  • Genetic factors: It is one of the most effective factors. Problems seen in family members can also be transferred to children. However, early detection and knowing the patient’s history increase the chance of success in treatment.
  • Bottle and pacifier use: One of the habits that cannot be abandoned during the transition from infancy to childhood is bottle and pacifier. However, long-term use causes deterioration in the jaw structure. At the same time, the habit of thumb sucking is also effective in changing the jaw structure.
  • Tongue or teeth that are larger than necessary: Although rarely, this situation is effective in the jaw structure. A tooth that is larger and unbalanced than necessary causes deterioration in both the jaw and other teeth.
  • Missing teeth: Precautions should be taken in case something is lost during the developmental period. Otherwise, other teeth will be replaced. Thus, a complex tooth structure is formed because the tooth that needs to be extracted cannot find a place for itself.

Why is Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

The jaw is in a structure that continues to change throughout the developmental age of people. This process in the jaw also affects the location of the teeth. Therefore, the change of the structure should be followed along with the changes in the mouth. For this, an orthodontist is needed. Although there is a perception that children generally need it, everyone’s jaw is effective in the structure of their mouth and teeth. In order to eat healthy, one must have the right jaw and tooth structure.

For this, regardless of age, examination is a must. The disorders in the jaw structure continue for a lifetime. But this is not destiny. By using different methods and techniques, it is possible to intervene in the jaw and straighten the teeth. An orthodontist’s examination can change many lives.

Moreover, thanks to advanced technology and expertise, problems that may occur in the future can be avoided in this way. The best method is to take action before the problem occurs. With this area of dentistry that requires expertise, it is possible to maintain oral health for life.

Methods Used in Orthodontic Treatment

  • Treatment begins with the examination of the specialist physician and the determination of a roadmap. The specialist physician makes a model of how the jaw and tooth structure should be. This modeling, which is designed specially for the person, also provides the formation of the mold. At this stage, the following treatment methods are applied:

    Appliance use: An intraoral shaping apparatus called an appliance, which is created after the examination of the specialist physician, is used. The basic logic of the appliance forces the tooth structure to become what it should be. For this, it is based on the body’s own developmental function. Appliances made by a specialist physician are also used in 3 different ways.

  • Movable appliances

  • functional appliances

  • Fixed appliances

These apparatus are used as determined by the specialist physician. The movable ones are put on and removed by the patients. Others are those that are obligatory to use under the supervision of a physician.

  • Surgical interventions: There is also surgical intervention on the jaw within the specialty of orthodontics. These interventions are preferred when other methods are inconclusive. Jaw disorders are corrected using transplants and implants.

The Importance of Reinforcement

It is continuous when orthodontic treatment is performed. In order for the long-term treatment to be successful, a reinforcement appliance should be used afterwards. Reinforcement apparatus, also called Retainer, is extremely important for the continuity of tooth alignment. It should never be forgotten that the jaw bones are available for change. For this, reinforcement appliances should be used in line with the advice of the specialist physician. There are three different options for this. Movable, fixed or transparent reinforcing appliances are used as the physician deems appropriate. It is possible to achieve perfect results by following the recommendations.

Who Should Be Inspected?

Orthodontics is a field that every person needs. Aligned and properly chewed teeth are everyone’s right. However, it is necessary to map the mouth structure for this. This map is reviewed by a specialist physician. In this way, disorders in the jaw structure are detected and dental disorders can be treated. Therefore, orthodontics is one of the most important parts of human life.

For this reason, dental examination should be taken seriously and recommendations should be followed. It is possible to improve the quality of life with the treatments to be applied. Because freedom of nutrition, comfort in speech and aesthetic appearance are possible with straight teeth. The way to straight teeth opens with this area of dentistry that requires expertise.

Why is Orthodontic Examination Important?

Many problems can be solved thanks to developing technology and expertise. In fact, problems can be prevented before they occur. However, its effect on oral health is not limited to these. In this way, properly aligned teeth offer a healthier life. Straight teeth reduce bacterial growth and ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.

Routine oral care and dental examination is a personal responsibility. In addition, thanks to this branch, jaw disorders and therefore irregularities in the tooth structure can be eliminated. This offers a healthy life. Increasing the quality of life, aesthetic self-confidence is directly related to oral health. Therefore, this area of dentistry should not be neglected. Everyone needs to be examined by an orthodontist.

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