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implant treatment
Dental technology solves so many problems in very practical ways. Treatments are easier these days. The implant treatment can fix broken or rotten teeth in a little period. The implant teeth put on the space in the mouth complete missing teeth. We call this implant treatment. Missing teeth be the reason for so many problems. Like not chewing, not biting, not talking . But all of them solves with this practical treatment. The functions of teeth are a necessity for a human. Because teeth take care of some vital needs. That’s why missing teeth be a problem. But this treatment is a solution for missing teeth problems.
The implant is with a screw veneer that looks like a tooth. That cure plus controls takes a few months. People who lost their teeth can use this treatment. In that way, they get a complete teeth structure after the treatment process. Also, a missing tooth is a reason for an unbeauty look. New teeth with veneer supply a pleasing smile. This method solves missing tooth problems and make a good look for the patient. This treatment sounds scary a little bit to some people. Because of this treatment is more complicated than other ways. But it is a permanent choice for missing teeth. So but it is a little hard to cure way but this way is the most effective way same time. Now let’s learn more things about this treatment together.

What is Implant Treatment?

The implant is a useful solution for missing teeth. People lost their teeth because of so many reasons. Rotten teeth, affected by outside, genetic factors, etc. are reasons to lose teeth. There are so many treatment ways for saving teeth. Sometimes fills use with teeth but it is not enough every single time. And the patient loses their own tooth.
The implant is a treatment used at that point. Titanium screws put inside the jawbone and this makes artificial tooth roots. Titanium is the most compatible metal with human bone. That’s why titanium uses in this treatment. Screws put on missing teeth’s spot. Space of mouth completes after treatment. And the patient gets new teeth in those spaces. A veneer makes after screw puts. Veneer makes tooth size, and color compatible with the patient’s mouth. The patient’s teeth size takes before the dentist made veneer. That’s way the dentist does not must cutting, shaving, or pulling veneer.
Neighbor teeth do not get harm during treatment. Teeth health keeps with great attention. This treatment method only cares for missing teeth. The dentist controlled to other teeth before starting treatment too. But how many are there ways for this treatment? Come, looking together.

What are the Types of Implants?

dental implant treatment
Dental treatment changes from person to person. Dental implants require some surgery methods selected by dentists for patients’ problems. Everybody has different teeth and gum tissue. And this feature makes different treatment plans. Types of dental implants uses at that point.
There are five different types;
  • Endodontic: Actually, we can not talk about missing teeth in this method. But treatment uses weak, harmful teeth to make teeth stronger. In this situation, the endodontic method applies.
  • Transosseous: Jawbone is important for this treatment. Because the healing process connected how much strong the jawbone is. But some patients’ jawbone is weak. The transosseous treatment uses when meeting those patients. This treatment is not made for one missing tooth in this way. It’s made for all chins. This application is less one prefers. Cause it is very painful and also has long term.
  • Intramucosal: This method is the oldest one. But it makes completely titanium, even its veneer. That’s why so many people do not prefer intramucosal treatment. Titanium supports the implant but because of it, this surgery is very costly.
  • Subperiosteal: These treatment ways deal with pressure to tooth roots equally. Besides that it is tough application, it is a method not preferred so much. Because specialists remove the jawbone with surgical procedures during treatment.
  • Endosteal: Most preferred way for tooth loss is endosteal. This treatment makes with screws. It is a way to use so much these days. Because it is easier than the other methods and gives patients teeth look like natural teeth.
The artificial tooth is a solution for missing teeth. But this treatment is more practical than an artificial tooth. These types choose by the patient but the endosteal way is the most chosen one. Removable denture stays past thanks to this treatment. This treatment is a permanent method. But also If the patient cares about their own oral health and oral hygiene it would be useful.

The Importance of Expertise in Dental Implant

Health is not a topic to joke about. Teeth health huge part of human health. so we should go to the dentist when we have a problem anent our teeth or mouth. The implant is very different than other treatment ways. Because it is a kind of surgery. That’s why a patient who takes this treatment applies to an experienced dentist.
The treatment applies by a screw put on the jawbone. It is a serious treatment process. An experienced dentist can do it less painful and more practical. The dentist’s professionalism affects the patient’s healing process.

How Does the Implant Treatment Process Work?

Implant Treatment Zenit Dent

This treatment method fixes missing teeth. But the first step takes a somatic examination by a dentist. The patient tells problems about their own missing teeth and the dentist looks at them. After that dentist decided on a treatment way. For missing teeth, the implant is an inevitable treatment.

The treatment process starts when the patients give their own confirmation. The second step is to implant puts on the jawbone. It is a variable step because every patient has a different tooth and mouth structure. The third and last step takes size for veneer teeth or veneer teeth.  Veneer made to other teeth’s size and color. So teeth structure is complete in the mouth.

How Long Does the Implant Treatment Process Last?

The treatment process determines to patient. Usually, one implant puts in three or four minutes. But some person’s jawbone is really weak. Bone powder uses for problems like that. The bone powder makes a strong patient’s chin. After that treatment happens.

Titanium screw fuses with the jawbone in three or six months. Veneer or veneers affixes when titanium screw is compatible with the chin. The treatment ends with this. But controls keep continuing cause if anything happens.

Who is Suitable for Implant Treatment?

dental implant cost
Everyone has a right to use every single treatment. So in this way, we can tell everyone can get implant treatment. But there is a point to should mark. A person who has a bone illness and a weak jawbone lives a long and hard process during this treatment. And of course, this treatment applies to people older age 18. Because their chin and teeth structure completed to development.
This treatment way is a little painful. But the patient does not feel anything thanks to anesthesia. This application makes it to only mouth and teeth. But if the patient is so afraid anesthesia can uses completely.

What to Consider After Dental Implant?

This treatment takes a long term. But this period does not end when veneer puts on space. There are some things to do by the patient self after treatment.
  • The patient keeps ice on the treatment part of the face. Patients do this to not get swelling.
  • The patient should do mouthwash for three days after treatment.
  • Should not touch the treated part for a few days. Not even during eating or drinking.
  • Sharp and rigid objects keep out from the treated part.
  • The patient should not smoke cigarettes or alcohol for a few days.
These apply after the dental implant to do by the patient. If the patient pays attention to these rules, can live with new healthy teeth.
Zenit is here so you could get trustable, without pain and relaxed implant treatment. You are in safe hands with our professional dentists and advanced dental technology. Do not worry about your missing teeth anymore, because Zenit Dental is beside you.

The process of treatment is a multi-stage process that takes many months to complete. The removal of broken teeth and, if necessary, jawbone preparation are among them.

Dental implants are best for people who want to replace one or more missing teeth. Also, if the person has good oral health, the implant applies. This treatment method is a comprehensive involved treatment process. The person should be willing for treatment.

Use a gentle toothbrush to clean at least twice a day. Make use of gentle toothpaste. Clean the area surrounding and under the implant crown. To clean confined spaces, use an interdental brush with a nylon coating.

The basic conclusion is that receiving dental implants shouldn't cause you any discomfort. You shouldn't have a lot of soreness while recovering. You will be completely sedated throughout the treatment. Some medicines may be useful to reduce any discomfort brought on by the sutures.

The most costly dental procedures are implants. But getting dental implants in Turkey is the best way to save money and get the best care for tooth loss. The price of dental implants in Turkey is more cheaper than those in the US or the UK.

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