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Cosmetic dentistry

Many operations today are used to achieve aesthetic purposes. However, the starting point of aesthetics is the mouth and teeth. Neat and well-groomed teeth are the most important part of self-esteem and self-confidence. Having an aesthetic tooth and mouth structure may require a complicated set of procedures. Therefore, today’s aesthetic dentistry specialists are the key to having a healthy and attractive beauty.

Thanks to dentists, the disorder in the tooth structure, unhealthy and undesirable images in the gums are eliminated. Sparse and irregular teeth can be balanced and their gaps can be closed. For this, formulas and surgical methods that do not harm the teeth are used. At the end of the process, it is possible to have a healthy and beautiful mouth structure.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dentistry is a field of medicine that should be considered in a very wide range. It includes all oral issues from jaw health to gums. Aesthetic dentistry is a branch whose foundation was laid centuries ago. It has gained importance with the change in social perceptions of beauty. It is an area where dentists can specialize. Basically, it aims to have an aesthetic and beautiful mouth structure by protecting oral health.

Genetic factors, living conditions, eating habits are extremely effective in oral health. Undesirable images in the mouth that are congenital or occur over time create aesthetic defects. The industry comes into play here. To beautify the appearance, the teeth are replanned and the condition of the gums is evaluated one by one. Specialist physicians use all the possibilities of technology for this.

How Does the Aesthetic Dentistry Process Work?

Technology has a great role in the rise of the importance of aesthetics in dentistry. Many innovations such as coating and filling diversity, computerized modeling, especially imaging technologies, are effective in the development of this field. In this field, which is a manifestation of the new generation of dentistry, the expertise and aesthetic perspective of physicians is also very important.

Specialist physicians plan how to achieve the desired result by modeling the oral structure first. Then, the methods and materials to be used are selected with the help of technology. It is aimed to reach the best desired result by sharing each progress with the patient. It is possible to have the desired smile after the process that will start with the intervention of the physician.

What Can Be Corrected With Aesthetic Dentistry

Many improvements are possible with this specialty area of dentistry. The physician arrives at the conclusion using two ways. Orthodontic treatments and prostheses are used to achieve aesthetic results. This starts a process and the result is progressed step by step. The physician can make the following changes in the mouth and teeth structure in line with the patient’s request:

  • Veneers and caps (Laminas and Crowns): In this way, materials are added to the teeth and gums. Thus, deficiencies can be eliminated without damaging the main structure of the tooth.
  • Reducing tooth and tooth structure: Decayed and damaged teeth and gums are removed and treated in order to achieve a healthy oral structure.
  • Whitening: Developing chemistry technology has found a method to whiten teeth with the least damage. It is possible to achieve effective results with methods that combine chemicals and light.
  • Smile design: It has the purpose of improving facial appearance. Therefore, teeth may need to be redesigned. This is also possible with veneers and implants.

Veneers: A perfect appearance is possible with zirconium and porcelain veneers, which are also important inventions of chemical technology.
Bonding: With this method, small tooth fractures and missing teeth can be corrected. This method, which is made using porcelain or crowns, is an important part of the field of aesthetic dentistry.

Other Areas In Which Aesthetic Dentistry Is Effective

Aesthetic dentistry is not just focused on the perfect smile. The consequences of teeth grinding, which many people suffer from, can be treated in this way. It is possible for the teeth to be damaged by grinding and discomforts such as reflux. This damage causes bite irregularity. With this field of medicine, applications are made to correct the bite.

Gums are important for oral health and facial appearance. Gums can be arranged in this area. The gingival line, which is used to describe the area where the gingiva meets the tooth, is also in the field of dentistry. For this, the best results are achieved in the gums by using various technologies and personal skills.

Methods Used in Aesthetic Dentistry

Dentistry is the field of medicine that deals with the general oral and dental health and ensures its correction. For this reason, all methods used in this field are valid for aesthetic dentistry. The physician decides on each of the above applications in order to have the desired mouth structure and smile. These methods can be used individually or in the form of a complicated treatment. In addition, the specialist physician can also use prostheses other than coatings and chemicals. Some of the prostheses used are as follows:

  • Implant: Bringing a new dimension to dental treatment, implants make a great contribution to aesthetics as well as making life easier. It is possible to restore damaged or decayed teeth or teeth that have been extracted long ago with implants during aesthetic applications. The compatibility of the bone structure is very important. The jawbone implant is applied during aesthetic corrections in suitable patients.
  • Bridge: The method that has been used for a long time in dentistry is bridges. The method of attachment to the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth is used. Thus, the missing tooth can be replaced as a prosthesis. As with all prostheses, a 3D model of the mouth is studied on the bridge. Thus, the best and healthy result is achieved.
  • Coating: One of the most common methods applied by those who care about oral health and appearance is coatings. With the development of technology, coatings that do not harm the teeth and provide a perfect appearance are possible. This micro-structured material is bonded without damaging the tooth. But the design process is long. In addition, the physician makes the application after working on the model that creates a copy of the mouth structure. In this way, teeth that cannot be whitened due to their structure are whitened and gaps are filled.

The Necessity of Technology for Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry, which requires expertise, is a field that uses all today’s technologies. However, the expertise of physicians is also a very important factor here. The most important detail of the subject is the expert team that has developed itself in the field and follows the innovations and developments. Because the expertise of the physician is paramount for correct applications and the desired result. The physician should also have an aesthetic point of view, be specialized in his field and have a command of technology.

Especially imaging and modeling technologies provide great convenience to physicians. However, using technology correctly and applying the right material is not something that technology can do. For this reason, the most important issue in aesthetic dentistry is the specialist physicians who know their patients and know what they want.

The Importance of Expertise in Aesthetic Dentistry

In summary; Thanks to the aesthetic dentist, it is possible to achieve the desired smile and a healthy mouth structure. This requires the expertise and guidance of the physician. Oral and dental treatment is a process. For this reason, the method to be applied and the materials to be used are chosen by the physician. It is aimed to reach the perfect appearance by choosing the most suitable treatment methods for your mouth and teeth structure. At this stage, the gums are treated, the crooked or missing teeth are corrected and completed. For this, highly technological devices and products are used. Now it is possible to eliminate the bad appearance caused by the mouth and teeth. This method is also possible with aesthetic dentistry. We are ready to serve you with all our expertise to protect your oral and dental health, as well as to have an aesthetic appearance and smile.

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