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Functional dentistry

The first rule of dentistry is that the mouth and teeth, which are not only the way of nutrition but also the way of communication, can be healthy. Genetic factors, lifestyle and dietary habits play a very important role in oral health. The mouth and teeth needed for a lifetime should always be healthy. At this stage, the field of functional dentistry comes to the rescue. Because this field aims to protect oral health, get to the root of the problems and eliminate the problems before they occur.

Everyone has the right to have a healthy mouth. Therefore, this area is extremely important. This aspect of dentistry, which is frequently used in societies where oral care and health has become a culture, increases its importance day by day. functional dentistry; It includes many areas such as irregular erupting teeth, gum diseases, decayed teeth, bad breath, and jaw development. The specialized physician examines all the problems in depth and can prevent possible consequences well in advance.

What is Functional Dentistry? ​ ​

This part of dentistry that requires specialization is evaluated in two different ways. It is possible to receive functional dentistry services at any age. Because the mouth is a living organism and is constantly exposed to changes. There are also functional applications that begin in childhood. In these applications, jaw development can be shaped depending on the age of the child. In this way, potential problems can be prevented much in advance. The physician performs these applications using technological devices and prostheses.

The first rule in medicine is to live. The most important thing for people are their own teeth. Because no prosthesis or implant can replace a real and healthy tooth. This is the primary goal of a dentist whose area of expertise is functionality. It has a wide range of duties from nutrition to monitoring and regulation of tooth structure. Its primary task is to always eliminate the problem before it occurs.​

What Does Functional Dentistry Cover?

In this field of dentistry, definite treatment is aimed. The process can be long to prevent problems before they occur. Functional dentistry processes, which are started in childhood, can continue until the result is reached. Oral and dental health is primarily determined in applications in advanced ages. Detection and treatment of caries is part of the process of completing missing teeth. In addition, a general analysis of the jaw structure is made and possible problems are determined.

For this, the possibilities offered by technology are used. Imaging and modeling technologies are used in our patients. Then, the results are evaluated with the expertise of our physicians. Treatment and care processes are determined. At this stage, the nutrition lists and dental care techniques given by the physicians should be applied completely.

What is the Age to Start Treatment in Functional Dentistry?

Mouth and teeth are structures that are needed for a lifetime. For this reason, it should always be cared for and necessary treatments should be done on time. However, the continuation of oral health is possible with this field of medicine. Technology, the point where dentistry has come, has brought new generation applications with it. Oral care and health is a part of human self-care. However, physician examination and intervention are always necessary for a healthy life.

Therefore, there is no age to receive functional service from a dentist. The earlier it is started, the better. Because unconscious oral care brings problems at an early age. For this reason, dentistry is necessary at every stage of life in order to avoid any problems with the mouth and teeth.

The Importance of Functional Dentistry for Parents

In particular, parents should closely monitor the mouth and teeth structure of their children. Due to genetic factors, one should be sensitive to disorders in the teeth and jaw structure. The defect in the jaw structure also affects the tooth structure, which causes problems in later ages. Irregular and unhealthy teeth are more difficult to treat in advancing ages.

Orthodontic treatment is possible with functional dentistry. The technology used is treated as a part of growth with devices and apparatus. Thus, the best results are achieved in most patients. However, this process is long and tedious. Patience is the most important rule. At this stage, all the recommendations from the nutritionist to the use of prostheses should be followed completely.

What Does a Functional Dentist Do?

The need for a dentist starting from childhood continues for a lifetime. No matter what age one starts, the success of this field is obvious. Because the expertise of the branch prevents the emergence of new problems after the problems are solved. The dentist can provide nutritional and medication recommendations to prevent these problems. Achieving healthy teeth is only possible with perfect care and controls. A physician who knows the structure and history of your teeth is the key to a lifetime of healthy mouth and teeth. In short, a person needs this medicine throughout his life.

How Long Does Functional Dentistry Treatment Take?

Oral and dental health is a necessity of human life from infancy to death. It is possible to lead a problem-free life with functional dentistry. The benefit of a specialist physician, who is introduced at an early age, becomes evident in later ages. Therefore, it is wrong to look at the treatment in this area as the treatment of a single tooth. This branch aims to lead an individual’s healthy life. Diseases in many areas, from the jaw structure to the teeth and gums, can be prevented before they occur.

The way to this is the oral and dental health service, which also includes preventive services. Thanks to the functional expertise of dentistry, it is possible to receive all oral services from treatment to prevention. Specialist physicians can not only treat, but also detect future problems in advance. In this way, it is possible to lead a healthy life.

Is a Functional Dentist Necessary? ​ ​

Oral health is an important issue that should be considered from an early age. Social awareness movements on this issue continue. However, oral care alone is not the way to be healthy. Factors such as genetic factors, exposure to stress or drug use are effective in oral health. Learning and preventing them is in the expertise of the dentist. For this reason, medicine is a specialist that should be in the life of every individual.

The way to stay healthy is through oral and dental health. Today’s technology has also made care and treatment effective. However, with this branch of dentistry, lifelong health is possible. Expertise digs deep into the problem and eliminates its causes. In this way, life is maintained with health. Functional dentistry is the need of people of all ages and should always be in their lives.

Nutrition and Care for Oral Health

Everyone’s first duty is to maintain oral health. Consumptions such as cigarettes, coffee and tea, and oral care not done after acidic foods bring great problems. In addition, the calcium requirement that forms the tooth continues for a lifetime. Therefore, oral care cannot be considered only as individual protection. It is an important need to involve dentists in this process. No matter how much care is taken, teeth are damaged due to many factors.

At this stage, functional dentistry practices should be trusted. Because this area, which requires expertise, is one of the important stages of oral health. It has been possible to eliminate the problem in the mouth before it occurs, thanks to advanced technology and specialist physicians. At this stage, the specialist physician can eliminate the problems and treat possible problems in the future. However, the most important task falls to individuals. Attention should be paid to the diets told by the doctor. At the same time, care and cleaning should not be neglected, the methods shown by the physician should be applied.

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