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Dental Prostheses

Teeth are one of the most important necessities of human life. A vital function such as nutrition is possible thanks to the mouth and teeth. However, teeth cannot always remain in the same health due to genetic factors or vital conditions. Over time, decayed teeth begin to break, rot and disappear. For these situations, dental prostheses draw attention as the most effective and fast solution today.

Dental prostheses, which have been developed with studies over the years, do not replace the real tooth, of course, but become indispensable when used. Because, thanks to full or partial dentures, nutrition becomes healthy, speech and pronunciation are improved, and aesthetic deficiencies are eliminated. Therefore, dentures are one of the most important parts of modern dentistry. The right practices have been repeated billions of times and the vast majority have been successful.

What is Dental Prosthesis?

Teeth are the most important parts of the body that cannot be restored when lost. Its deficiency causes many problems. For this reason, dental prostheses have been applied since the beginning of dentistry as a medical field. Because being able to chew food is the first step of nutrition and digestion. For this reason, medical science has thought about this and found artificial teeth as a solution. Due to its application for centuries, they have taken their healthiest form today.

The application can be used successfully with the loss of a single tooth or in multiple tooth losses. Different types can be applied by taking support from the palate, jaw bones and healthy teeth. Some types are mounted directly to the jawbone with the implant method.

Teeth are one of the hardest parts of the human body due to their structure. For this reason, materials of similar hardness are used for artificial teeth. Human tooth structure is imitated by using porcelain, zirconium and resins. New generation dental prostheses give very good results.

What are the Types of Dental Prosthesis? ​ ​

Prosthetic applications are in the field of dentistry. The artificial tooth to replace the lost one is obtained by modeling the lost tooth specifically for the person. The prosthesis, which is prepared in accordance with the jaw structure, is extremely important for the patient to lead his life more easily and to achieve life comfort. Dental prostheses are used in different ways. The highlights are:

  • Full dentures (Total dentures): It is a prosthesis method known as dentures. It is specially produced to cover the upper palate and the lower palate. It is a method that the dentist applies when there is no tooth to be saved. Some teeth need to be removed in order for the prosthesis to fit properly. Firstly, measurements are taken for the prosthesis, which will be attached to the jawbone through the gums. The acclimatization period is important for prostheses designed separately for the upper and lower jaws. Since there is also a tongue in the lower jaw, this area takes some time to get used to. However, after the application, most patients have a healthy consumption and aesthetic appearance.
  • Partial Prosthesis (Partial Prosthesis): It is the method applied to complete the missing teeth in the mouth. Again, custom production is made and fitted with measurements. A crochet or crown (attachment to a cut solid tooth) method can be used for connections. With this method, the missing tooth or teeth are completed.
  • Implanted prostheses: Implants are the most striking method in oral and maxillofacial surgery in recent years. In this method, the fixation method to the jawbone is used. First, a piece is placed on the jawbone, and then the prosthetic tooth is fixed in the mouth. This method has many advantages over others. Being fixed and not moving in the mouth brings ease of getting used to it. However, the health of the implant is related to the health of the jawbone. In patients whose bones are not healthy, surgical intervention to the jaw may be required. Application is not possible in patients whose bone is not healthy.
  • Temporary prostheses: Taking the impression and making the mouth structure suitable is a long process. At this stage, dentists can use temporary artificial teeth to make their patients comfortable and speed up the process of getting used to the prosthesis. Eventually, dentures are removed when the original is made.

In Which Situation Is Dental Prosthesis Needed?

Genetic factors or lifestyle are the most important factors in dental health. Unconscious use of it and not giving importance to oral health bring tooth loss. Preventing these losses is only possible with awareness and perfect implementation of functional dentistry practices. Under all circumstances, it is impossible to restore the lost tooth. However, prostheses can correct an important deficiency right after the acclimatization period.

In case of loss of teeth, prosthesis is the healthiest way. Because missing teeth not only prevent nutrition, they also cause difficulty in speaking and poor aesthetic appearance. For this, artificial teeth that the dentist deems appropriate are preferred. In this way, many people step into their new life.

What are Dental Prosthesis Application Methods?

Missing tooth means that individual needs are not adequately fulfilled. Not being able to consume some foods due to missing teeth also brings an unhealthy life. It is possible to complete the missing teeth and make the appropriate prosthesis by relying on the expertise of the physician. New generation prosthetic methods, developments in medical science and the expertise gained by physicians are important.

For this reason, the judges use all their expertise in order for the patient to continue his life in the best way and to have an aesthetically beautiful appearance. Artificial teeth are obtained by modeling the patient’s own teeth. Therefore, there are no bite problems or color differences. Patients can use the dentures as their own teeth after the acclimatization period. The expertise of physicians must be trusted to achieve the best.

Dental Prosthesis Use and Adoption Process

The presence of missing teeth for years causes the jawbone, tongue and cheeks to get used to this situation. The most troublesome process after dental prostheses are placed is the adaptation period. Dentists choose the most suitable method according to the prosthesis. However, the changing structure in the mouth can cause the tongue and cheeks to be strange. In addition, the process is necessary for the jaw bones to adapt to the prosthesis.

All these are details that the physician will share with the patient. However, it reaches maximum efficiency by completing the process of getting used to both physically and spiritually in order to use dentures. For this reason, prostheses must be internalized in order to be able to eat, speak and smile as before. The prosthesis is part of the body and it is best to get used to living with it.

Dentures Can Restore Lost Health and Happiness

Artificial teeth, properly made by specialist physicians, offer great comfort with long years of use. However, the fact that the tooth is artificial does not change the fact that it needs care. For this reason, after the application, care should be taken with the methods specified by the specialist physician. Just like real teeth, they should be brushed and cared for. Because oral health is extremely important and the care of dentures should not be neglected. Because the mouth is the body’s door opening to the outside, and the doctor’s recommendations should be applied exactly after the applications. This is necessary for the health of the prosthesis and the prevention of bacterial growth.

If life becomes difficult due to missing teeth, the solution is possible with dental prostheses. Thanks to the developing technology and the expertise of physicians, it is possible to have artificial teeth that have been used healthily for many years. After the acclimatization period, many patients regret the days spent with missing teeth. Because the source of life is nutrition and healthy or prosthetic teeth are needed for nutrition. Our specialist physician is waiting to provide the best service in dental prostheses so that you can lead a healthier and happier life.

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