Teeth Straightening Treatment Process
teeth straightening

Teeth Straightening Treatment Process

Teeth straightening is the act of aligning and moving teeth into the right position in line with a person’s bite using external force and pressure over time. Simply said, crooked, misaligned, or misplaced teeth can be realigned. Teeth straightening aims to improve dental health by fixing misaligned teeth, overbites, deep bites, cross bites, underbites, gaps between teeth, and other dental and skeletal irregularities.

What Are the Different Types of Teeth Straightening Options?

teeth straightening

The following are the two primary orthodontic procedures:

  • Braces for Straightening Teeth
  • Straightening teeth without braces

Dental braces are appliances that straighten teeth and close gaps between them. They are positioned carefully to guide them in the right direction. Braces must typically be worn for 18 months to 2 years. The length of therapy, however, is determined on your objective and the kind of braces you select.

Aligners are invisible, custom-made braces that resemble mouthguards and slide over your teeth. With continued use, they will realign your teeth. They are not visible on your teeth, unlike regular braces, and may be taken off and put back on during meals. They also move more quickly than conventional metal braces.

How Long Does Teeth Straightening Treatment Take?

Depending on the degree of crowding, spacing, and bite difficulties, as well as the treatment approach you select, the length of therapy for teeth straightening varies greatly from patient to patient. This can lengthen the treatment period for certain adult patients since their teeth are fixed more firmly than someone who is in their teens due to the fact that the jaw has done growing and developing in maturity.

Your biology may also influence how quickly your teeth straighten, so they may move into alignment on their own more quickly or more slowly than someone else’s. Everyone is unique, and each patient’s teeth may respond to therapy in a different way.

Are There Any Food Restrictions During Teeth Straightening Treatment?

teeth straightening

Invisalign, an efficient yet discrete method of straightening the teeth, allows people to enjoy a variety of meals while having their teeth straightened. Removable alignment trays provide more flexibility and enjoyment during meals and sweet snack indulgences when compared to standard braces, which come with a lengthy list of what should be avoided.

Patients may chose whatever sounds nice at meals because the transparent aligners are detachable. No dietary restrictions exist since they may harm the braces. Aligners can be taken out and put in a case for storage before meals. This implies that items with a firm, crunchy texture, such chips, cookies, or raw vegetables, are OK.

How Often Do I Need to Visit The Orthodontist During Teeth Straightening Treatment?

Your orthodontist may have specific suggestions for how frequently you should attend depending on the type of aligner treatment you are receiving and the severity of your condition. Adult patients often require visits at least every six weeks. Your orthodontist will check the aligners’ efficiency throughout these appointments. Throughout the course of treatment, it can also be required to provide you with new aligners that fit differently. The routine checks are often quick sessions to address any concerns, track your development, and make any necessary adjustments.

In order to guarantee you get the best results possible, make sure you take the time to utilize your remote monitoring software as well as physically visit the office (when necessary). While therapy is proceeding according to plan, individuals receiving any sort of orthodontic treatment need to be constantly monitored by a qualified orthodontist.

How Much Does Teeth Straightening Treatment Cost?

teeth straightening

The question “how much does teeth straightening cost?” is one we are asked daily. Although we are quite upfront about our cost, there are many more factors to take into account. Different dental procedures, various braces, and situations of varying complexity are only a few examples. We’ll go through everything you need to know to calculate the cost of having your teeth straightened.

In many circumstances, the complexity of your issue will have an impact on how much your orthodontic treatment will cost. First, consider if you want the top arch and lower arch straightened simultaneously. One of the biggest factors affecting price is going to be this.


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