Why is Tongue Cleaning Important for Oral Health?
Why is Tongue Cleaning Important for Oral Health

Why is Tongue Cleaning Important for Oral Health?

Since our mouth is one of the first organs to start digestion. It direct contributes to the growth of many bacteria. With tongue cleaning, many organisms like bacteria in mouth will be easy destroyed. That’s why every corner of our mouth, from our teeth to our tongues, has to be clean. Otherwise, our lives may become unbearable.

What to Do for a Healthy Language?

We must start by paying attention to what we eat or drink. We must stay away from unhealthy foods. Acidic and carbonated drinks that cause irritation on our tongue are at the top of these foods. We must get rid of harmful habits such as alcohol and smoking. For tongue cleaning, we must also give up very bitter foods.  In the opinion of experts, the consumption of foods that burn excessive will irritate. And it numbs the tongue over time.
It is also necessary to avoid consuming very cold drinks.  It is quite harmful to both the throat and the tongue. Apart from these, we should not consume foods that we are not sure of their cleanliness. Foods prepared in unhygienic environments cause damage to our language first. Then to other organs of our body.

How to Clean Bacteria in the Tongue?

How to Clean Bacteria on the Tongue?

Tongue cleaning is an extreme important action tooth that should never be overlook. Those who complain of bad breath should clean the bacteria on their tongues. To do this, first, stick your tongue out completely. Open your mouth as much as possible as you stick your tongue out. If you see white parts on your tongue, know that you have bacteria on your tongue.
It is necessary to clean the tongue regular. You can also do this with your toothbrush. The back surface of the toothbrush made to clean the tongue. But, some toothbrushes do not have this part. If you have such a back surface in your own brush, you can clean your tongue with this part. Thus, you will complete your tongue cleaning.
So, how is this part of the brush used? With nice way run the brush around your tongue like toothbrushes. Actually, the process is quite simple. The only difference is that you brush your tongue, not your teeth.
If you want to use a different apparatus, there are products that sold for the tongue cleaning. Using those products, you can clean from the back of your tongue to the front. When you satisfied that the tongue cleaning process is enough. You can rinse your mouth with water.

How to Clean the Tongue?

We must, first of all, clean our tongue with a brush or tongue cleaning apparatus. In fact, this cleaning on a daily basis is enough. But if you have bad breath that doesn’t go away or if you are not sure about the cleanliness of your tongue. You can also use mouthwash. The mouthwash you keep on your tongue for a few seconds will destroy any bacteria that have overlook.

At What Intervals Should Tongue Cleaning Be Done?

At What Intervals Should Tongue Cleaning Be Done?

Tongue cleaning should done when teeth are to brushed. It will be enough to brush our teeth twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Some experts argue that it would be better to brush three times a day. But twice is enough for oral health. Immediately after brushing the teeth, the tongue cleaned too. It can happen with the back of the brush or the tongue cleaning apparatus.

Cleaning the tongue is not recommended to keep for more than a minute or two. A cleaning without putting too much pressure on your tongue will be enough. If you clean your tongue in this way but your complaints do not go away. Then you should talk to your specialist doctor. Your doctor will make the best determination for you and offer treatment ways.

What Happens If Tongue Cleaning Is Not Done?

The main problem of people who do not clean their tongues is bacteria. In the tongue that is not cleaned, bacteria can spread to the tooth. The bacteria reach the gum at a later time. Various inflammations in the gum will bring about tooth loss in this respect. In cases where attention is not paid to tongue cleanliness. It can be observe that the tongue changes color.
Various spots may appear in the section called “papillae” on the tongue. This stain will reveal problems such as darkening in the future. Then the tongue looking hairy. Apart from these, when the cleaning of the tongue is not paid attention to, bad breath may also occur. Even if you use various candies or gummies, this smell will not go away unless the bacteria on the tongue die. Tongue cleaning also prevents germs that accumulate in the mouth from reaching areas. Such as the tonsils or esophagus. When our province is not clean, we may left with various respiratory. Or digestive tract disorders.
Don’t avoid seeing dentists regular for a clean tongue and oral health.


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