What is Implant Treatment?
What is Implant Treatment?

What is Implant Treatment?

Implant treatment, which is a good alternative to bridges and dentures. It is a dental procedure that is often applied recently. With this treatment with artificial prostheses, you will get a look close to your real teeth. Implants consist of two parts based on titanium. One is the root, which is artificial, and the other is the upper layer, which forms the core part of the tooth. During the extraction of the tooth that has lost its function before the treatment.

The root part is place first in the pit formed after the healing of the place. After the adaptation process takes 3-5 months, the process ends by placing the upper part. Well, do you know in which cases implant treatment is apply? Here are all the details about this dental treatment.

In Which Cases Is Implant Treatment Applied?

It is obvious that missing teeth disrupt the aesthetic look as well as disrupt function. Thanks to recent advances in dental technologies, it is possible to achieve results like the actual tooth structure. Moreover, these teeth are alike your own teeth functionality. Implant treatment offers a functional tooth structure with the advantages it provides. The situations where this treatment should done are as follows.
  • In cases where it is not desirable to cut and reduce the neighboring teeth next to the lost tooth for any reason,
  • If you have long tooth cavities and the desired results were get when the bridge built,
  • A bridge has built for long tooth cavities and needs to supported
  • If you have lost large molars and the back is toothless. Besides, if you do not want to use a prosthesis in this part
  • In case of excessive bone resorption, in cases where the prosthesis is not full used
If you have missing in your teeth or complain about using dentures, this way in the form of screwing may be for you. For implant treatment is more useful than dentures and bridges. But you should first consult a specialist dentist.

How is the implant made?

How is the implant made?

A complete examination performs by the specialist physician. But before the implant treatment applies by giving mild sedation. After the X-ray takes, the existing teeth and jaw measures. There are two methods for treatment. If the implant to inserts is to perform with a single operation. Temporary heads install after the root screws placed. In two steps, after the implants insert, they cover with gum. After the healing process completes, the upper heads (teeth) attach.
The tooth, which is treatment with all these methods, is support by temporary bridges. In some cases, the tooth part is immediately attached to the implants. In some cases, it is necessary to wait for recovery between 3-6 months. But, even during the healing process, the patient can eat and drink without any trouble. Besides, all treatment steps and processes should managed by a specialist dentist.

How Many Sessions Does Implant Treatment Last?

How Many Sessions Does Implant Treatment Last?

How long a dental treatment lasts depends on specialist and the condition of your teeth. Of course the treatment techniques applied, and the healing process effective it.  This is also true for implant treatment. Because the most important factor is the compatibility of titanium and jawbone. The shorter this adaptation process takes, the shorter the installation of the teeth on top of it. So, the treatment can complete in a shorter time.
The process of adaptation of the tooth bone and titanium to each other is usually evident in 3 months. The fact that a specialist dentist performs the procedure minimizes possible problems. In this treatment process, the insertion of the roots varies between 10-30 minutes. Besides, according to the number of implants to insert, the procedure time prolongs. While this period varies between 30 minutes and one hour. After 3 months of recovery time, the upper teeth insert in one or two sessions.

How Long Does the Implant Treatment Last?

If you take care of your mouth after implant treatment as advised by dentist, life of your new teeth can be 20-30 years. Also, the correct and proper treatment of this treatment is a determining factor for life. Besides, the quality of the material used is a determining factor the life of your teeth. Also, regular controls are also required.

Are there any harms to the implant?

Are there any harms to the implant?

This dental treatment technique does not have any harm to health. Unlike its ease of use and other advantages it offers, it is quite useful. Because it provides a longer life to completes the lost teeth than the denture and bridge ways. But, it is imperative that it done by a specialist dentist and that quality materials use. Thus, you can use your teeth for many years because of the treatment completed in a period of 3-4 months.

Who is the implant not suitable for?

This dental treatment, which can be apply to persons over the age of 18. Because person has completed facial and jaw development, appeals to a wide audience. But, it is not suitable for some people.  Those who get radiotherapy from the head and neck area are not suitable for this treatment. Besides, it advised that they quit smoking because smoking affects the of mouth sores. Also, those who use corticosteroids, bisphosphonates, and immunosuppressive drugs. Those with immune system disorders, high blood pressure, and diabetes can implanted if the necessary conditions take after meet with the specialist.

This dental treatment is one of the blessings offered by technology. It can give you results that you will satisfied with when applied by a specialist dentist. Thus, you can use it comfortable for many years like your own teeth.


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