What is The Reason of Tooth Decay?
What is The Reason of Tooth Decay?

What is The Reason of Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is failure of enamel, which is outermost hard coating of tooth, dentin under one, and hard tissue covering root surface. Also it can affect anyone. Bacteria in the mouth produce acid by feeding on food residues. The growing acidic ambit causes havoc in hard tissues after a certain period, leading to the onset of tooth decay and gap. Also to very serious health problems, it adverse affects the quality of life of the person. It happens on physiological and social part of life. This reason, you should consult with a specialist dentist to prevent caries. And it is important to have more well-groomed and healthy teeth.

How Can I Prevent Tooth Decay?

As it’s known, the best way to prevent tooth decay is to prevent caries before it occurs. For this, you can prevent tooth decay or tooth cavities by doing oral and dental hygiene and in the best way. So, it is a very effective method to provide the necessary hygiene before tooth decay occurs. It is especially important to brush your teeth in the morning after breakfast. And at night before going to sleep. But, it is also useful to stay away from sugary and starchy foods to protect the tooth structure. The most effective way to prevent tooth decay is to go to a specialist dentist at regular intervals.

What Rots the Teeth the Most?

What Rots the Teeth the Most?

The main reason for the formation of bit by bit developing dental caries is plaque formed on the teeth. Consuming excessive amounts of carbohydrate foods such as sugar can cause cavities. Not cleaning your teeth can cause cavities too. But, caries are also caused by the consumption of sugary and carbonated drinks. Also, sticky foods such as chocolate and cakes remaining on the tooth surface for a long time can also cause tooth decay.

Does tooth decay repair itself?

Tooth decay, which causes many people to fear, is a health problem that does not heal on its own. When the necessary treatment is not done, it can progress further and cause health problems. Carious tooth adverse affects oral health. Also, it triggers the health of other organs in the body. The bacteria caused by caries can cause various infections. It happens because of their placement in the kidney and heart.

In Which Vitamin Deficiency Does Tooth Decay Occur?

In Which Vitamin Deficiency Does Tooth Decay Occur?

In active life, care should taken to eat with a rich diet, to develop healthy living habits, and to dental health. Also, it is opinion that the teeth will be healthy only by paying attention to dental hygiene. Because, like the body, teeth need various vitamins to be strong and healthy. So, the deficiency of some vitamins in the body can cause tooth decay. The vitamins that should be at the required level in the body are as follows.

Vitamin D3

When the level of vitamin D3 in the body decreases, the body begins to withdraw calcium from bones and teeth. So, vitamin D deficiency can cause increased tooth decay. It can cause increased structural disorders in enamel and dentin.

K Vitamins

Vitamin K, uses by body for blood clotting. It is an essential mineral for bone and tooth mineralization. A case of vitamin deficiency can lead to the weakening of the teeth and easy bleeding of the gums.

Vitamin B

Low levels of vitamin B, which supports many tasks in the body, adverse affect the mouth and teeth.  Besides, it leads to the weakening of the teeth.

Does a Decaying Tooth Heal Itself?

Tooth decay can cause various health problems. It doesn’t have any spontaneous healing. Because the tooth structure doesn’t have regeneration cells. For this reason, it is very important to diagnose and treat caries at the earliest. Untreated caries cause constant toothache, infection, inflammation, and tooth breakage. Also it can be reason of chewing and feeding difficulties. It can enter the bloodstream and lead to serious complications that progress to sepsis. So you should consult with a specialist for a regular dental examination.


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