What is Aesthetic Dentistry?
What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

What is Aesthetic Dentistry?

Everyone dreams of teeth with an aesthetic appearance as well as a healthy one. But, it is not always possible to have this appearance at birth or for different reasons. Fortunately, it is now possible to treat jaw and tooth structure disorders that disrupt appearance. Aesthetic dentistry is one of the innovative dental treatment applications. It has been frequently mentioned in recent years thanks to the developing technologies. So, what is this branch of dentistry? In what cases is it done and what applications does it cover? Here are the details of this dentistry practice targeting healthy and beautiful teeth.

In Which Cases Are Aesthetic Dentistry Applications Performed?

Aesthetic dentistry includes the applications of several branches of dentistry. It aims to make the smile better and to solve dental problems. If you want to have an impressive jaw and tooth structure, you can apply for this treatment. But, first, you should consult with a dentist for the treatment of your jaw and dental problems. Applications of aesthetic dentistry as situation may need different technologies and techniques. These are as follows: These are as follows:

  • Shaping the teeth lost in the front area of the mouth due to trauma or different reasons according to the face and lip structure,
  • Giving the teeth an aesthetic appearance after gum treatments,
  • Correction of teeth that disrupt the aesthetic appearance caused by gum recessions,
  • Treating caries in the front teeth for different reasons,
  • Treating trauma-induced broken front teeth,
  • Eliminating discoloration and yellowing of teeth,

They deal with situations such as. Aesthetic dentistry improves the health, size, alignment, color, and shape of the teeth. Thus it makes better your smile. This dentistry resolves problems that the person complains about. And also it resolves problems to affects badly the aesthetic appearance. It plans the treatment process personally. It first designs the new appearance that the person targets on the computer and has the patient approve it. Then it chooses between many methods and techniques and puts them into practice.

Which Applications Does Aesthetic Dentistry Cover?

Which Applications Does Aesthetic Dentistry Cover

Aesthetic dentistry aims for oral health and functionality, thus perfecting your smile. It determines applications to use in tooth and jaw problems that disrupt aesthetics. But, the person who will decide this situation is only a specialist dentist. Thus, it provides positive effects on social life with natural results. This dentistry was developed to achieve healthy and aesthetic teeth. It can use different applications according to the needs of the person. Also, several different methods and techniques can be applied simultaneously when necessary.  These applications are as follows.

Teeth Whitening

This application eliminates yellowing and color differences in the teeth. Thus your smile will be more aesthetic. According to the patient’s needs, whitening can be performed in clinical environments.

Zirconium Crown

Zirconium dental coating gives the most effective results in tissue compatibility. It designs aesthetically beautiful teeth.  While it completes tooth losses, it repairs the tooth breaks.  It also provides the desired appearance in crooked, split, and cut teeth. As appearance, it is very close to the natural tooth.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain teeth are an application that makes a significant difference in your appearance. This method applies to tooth loss, caries, fractures, and teeth that change color. Porcelain laminate can be various as empress porcelain, zircon-supported porcelain, and metal-supported porcelain.

Filling Treatments

The filling applied to the decaying teeth is possible to do various methods. The white composite which is one of the filling treatments is among the most widely used applications. The process of white composite ends on the same day after cleaning the caries. Porcelain filling makes a patient’s smile aesthetic due to its anatomical compatibility with the tooth.

Bonding Treatment

The bonding method applies for the correction of caries, dents, deformation, deformity, and gaps between two teeth in teeth. It provides an aesthetic tooth appearance without the need for tooth cutting. Before the procedure, it is possible to see the results to be obtained from the computer design.

Leaf Porcelain

Leaf porcelain applies by gluing porcelain tooth laminates to the front surface of your teeth. It does not damage healthy tooth tissue. It applies in fillings with deteriorated structure and colors. Also, it applies in the correction of worn and broken teeth, and cases where whitening does not give results.

Pink Aesthetics

This dental application takes into consideration the dimensions of the teeth. It makes a difference in providing an aesthetic smile by designing symmetrical teeth. It prevents asymmetrical appearance by addressing gingival recessions.
Aesthetic dentistry is a practice that has been mentioned, especially in recent years. If you exist dental problems, you should consult with a specialist at the earliest. Thus, you can start treatments where you can get successful results.


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