What is Teeth Whitening? How?
What is Teeth Whitening How

What is Teeth Whitening? How?

Everyone wants to have healthy, white teeth. Sometimes the teeth are brushed every day in the morning and evening, but they may not be white. Sometimes teeth may be subject to color change due to external or internal reasons. In such cases, the method that everyone resorts to is teeth whitening. This process; It is preferred by people who want to make their teeth a few shades whiter than they are. It is known as one of the most frequently performed procedures by specialist physicians.

How is Teeth Whitening Applied?

There is more than one type of tooth whitening process. The bleaching process performed in clinical environments proceeds with the procedure deemed appropriate by the physicians. Before the application, the teeth are made suitable for the procedure and the tooth surface is cleaned. In this process, the tartar and its surface are cleaned. Then the gel is applied by determining the tooth tone. On average, a bleaching process takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

What Is the Best Tooth Whitening Method?

What Is the Best Tooth Whitening Method?

The best whitening method will of course be the whitening in the clinical environment. However, this method is a method that may vary according to the color of your teeth. Laser-type or home-type bleaching is sufficient for the average bleaching process. But if the teeth are very yellowed due to coffee and tea, the combined whitening process will be more effective.

How Many Sessions Does Tooth Whitening Last?

An average tooth whitening process takes 2 sessions. Apart from this, it is more correct to do a few more sessions for the most permanent and clear solutions. Sessions vary according to the tone and structure of the tooth. For the most accurate information, it is necessary to consult with a specialist dentist and make a decision. The dentist examines the structure of the tooth and gives you the most accurate session information.

Do Teeth Whitening Hurt?

The bleaching process is definitely not a painful procedure. Whether laser or home bleaching, you will not experience pain or soreness in any of them. It is a procedure that is applied in an extremely comfortable and simple way. There is no harm in the patient continuing his / her life after the session.

Is Teeth Whitening Healthy?

Is Teeth Whitening Healthy

Teeth whitening is a healthy procedure. This procedure does not harm the structure and health of the teeth. On the contrary, it is a procedure that makes the patient happier psychologically and aesthetically. It provides a lot of comfort and self-confidence to the person in daily life. It is not a procedure that damages teeth and gums. It would be more accurate to contact specialist dentists for detailed information.

Does the tooth turn yellow again after whitening?

When there is no regular care, the yellowing of the teeth comes to the median.  Although the process whitens the teeth, it is possible that they will return to their former color after a while. However, it is not as dark as before. The better the teeth are taken care of after the whitening process, the longer this process will be. It is important to take good care of the teeth after the procedure and brush them regularly.

The most important information you need to know at this point is that not everyone who whitens their teeth gets the same results. Because there are various factors in the yellowing of the teeth. Therefore, the whitening rate you achieve also varies.  The issue of subsequent yellowing of females is also equivalent to this.  Of course, it is in your hands to prevent yellowing by giving importance to your oral and dental health after the procedure.

What is not eaten after teeth whitening?

It is important to carefully care for and brush the teeth after the procedure. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of drinks that cause yellowing of the teeth, such as coffee and tea. Of course, you can continue to consume it, but it is important not to consume such drinks for one to two days after the session.

Who is Not Applied Teeth Whitening?

Who is Not Applied Teeth Whitening

D is a suitable procedure for anyone who does not have work disease; dis performed on people who do not have work or gum disease. Apart from this, it is important that there are no caries and damaged teeth. However, it is still necessary to consult with dentists and be examined before the bleaching process.

How many times can teeth whitening be done?

It is a procedure that varies from person to person. Some people stay in the same tone for 2 or 3 years after the bleaching process. However, the more tea or coffee is consumed, the sooner the teeth will return to their former state. Apart from this, it is appropriate to have one or two sessions a year.

Is Teeth Whitening Done When There Is Carriage?

If there are damaged structures such as bruises or fractures – cracks, it is not correct to apply the bleaching process. If applied in this case, it is possible to cause sensitivity in the teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the damaged teeth and fill them beforehand. It is more correct to carry out bleaching after repair.


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