What is Functional Dentistry?
What is Functional Dentistry

What is Functional Dentistry?

Functional dentistry, which is a proactive practice, does not only treat dental diseases. It is also the most effective way to avoid crises caused by these diseases. It uses the most technological conditions while serving with a holistic approach. This branch of dentistry not only identifies the underlying causes of dental diseases. It also educates patients for prevention in the future. This approach, which is a series of procedures performed by dentists, also applies a personalized treatment plan. So, do you know what practices functional dentistry covers? Here are the curious details in this article.

What Practices Does Functional Dentistry Cover?

This dentistry primarily investigates the underlying causes of problems such as gum problems, tooth deficiency, bad breath, and caries. Then it is treated using appropriate methods and techniques. Functional dentistry, which uses instruments supported by technology, aims to prevent the recurrence of these dental problems. Thus, it carries the dental health of the person to the highest levels it should be. For example, if it is not treated, it tries to prevent caries before it occurs, where you may experience great difficulties.

In these dental practices, first, a detailed dental examination is performed by a specialist physician. In this process, all the problems you have with your teeth are also addressed. By applying the necessary tests, it is determined why these problems are experienced. While the necessary precautions are taken to prevent the recurrence of these treated dental diseases, supportive treatment is also applied.

What are the Important Points for Functional Dentistry?

What are the Important Points for Functional Dentistry

There are important points that physicians trained in this branch of dentistry who conduct detailed research should consider to be successful in their treatment results. First, it teaches its patients to breathe correctly and motivates them to make it a habit. Because proper breathing is critical for oral and dental health.

Patients who are motivated to breathe correctly should also follow the 80/20 rule meticulously. In light of this rule, you should pay attention to the intake of calcium, which forms the main structure of the teeth, such as milk and cheese. Thus, you can protect your teeth from cavities. You also need to protect the oral flora by taking probiotics orally. At this stage, it is recommended to avoid the use of mouthwash unconsciously. Gargling should be used only for the period determined by the advice of a specialist dentist.

Dentists advise their patients on how to avoid sweet and acidic juices for healthy teeth. While educating his patients about the need for effective brushing at least 2 times a day, he also gives advice on appropriate dental care products. It can also make dietary recommendations containing valuable vitamins K2, A, and D3 in terms of dental and oral health. In addition, if there are dental problems such as bruxism, these is also handled and treated by this dentistry.

What is the Age to Start Treatment?

Starting functional dentistry treatment at a young age is important in solving difficult-to-treat complaints such as jaw problems in the future. Early diagnosis and diagnosis are critical in some dental health problems. In addition, it is important to acquire the right oral care habits at a young age to prevent tooth loss in causes such as caries. Therefore, it is recommended that your children start dentists who serve with this holistic approach from the youngest possible age. In addition, periodic controls should not be interrupted as much as possible.

How Long is the Treatment Period of Functional Dentistry?

How Long is the Treatment Period of Functional Dentistry

The treatment process for dental diseases varies according to the person. The patient’s current condition, age, condition of the teeth, and the treatments required are the main criteria for determining the duration. In addition, the technique and treatment methods that the specialist dentist will choose to solve dental problems are also decisive. It is also very important to follow the recommendations made by functional dentistry during the treatment process. In addition, the patient’s reaction to treatment directly affects the treatment process in the same way.

What Does Functional Therapy Mean?

Functional treatment in the tooth is a holistic treatment made to make the jaw and teeth functional as they should be. It doesn’t just detect the underlying cause of diseases in your teeth. It treats and motivates the patient to take the necessary precautions so that it does not recur.

For oral and dental health, which should be meticulous for individuals of all ages, first, help should be obtained from a specialist dentist.  The recommendations recommended by the specialist should be followed meticulously and periodic controls should not be interrupted. For functional dentistry, which serves with a holistic approach that will guide all dentists, we can say that it is an application that supports your dental health for a lifetime.


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