What You Need to Know About Gummy Smile?
gummy smile

What You Need to Know About Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile which displays the gums in an unhealthily swollen manner, is one of the dental issues that disrupt a person’s appearance. The gummy smile is another name for it. There are several ways to treat it. A person with a gummy smile has more visible gums than usual when they speak or laugh. The gum grin is another name for it. It happens for a variety of causes.

A gummy smile is probably easy to spot. In fact, surveys were conducted to find out what individuals thought was excessive gingival display. Subjects tended to find smiles attractive when there was two millimeters or less of visible gum tissue. The smile was considered gummy at three millimeters or greater. Interestingly, women experience the disease more frequently than males do.

Gummy Smile is much more than just an aesthetic problem.

What Is Gummy Smile?

gummy smile

A gummy grin is when your gum line protrudes too much when you smile, and for many people who have them, this can be embarrassing or insecure. Gummy grins, or excessive gingival show, can be brought on by a variety of oral health problems, including a difficulty with how your jaw developed, a bad bite, and an excessively active or short upper lip.

There are treatments available, whether you want to address these underlying problems or just improve the appearance of your gummy grin. You may discover information on a variety of various treatment choices here, whether you’re interested in a non-surgical process, like orthodontic therapy or crowns, or a surgical technique, such a gingivectomy or lip repositioning surgery.

Main Causes of Gummy Smile Occurrence

A gummy grin can have several reasons; however, the following are the most typical ones:

  • Teeth that are tiny compared to the gums because of heredity or wear.
  • Too short of an upper lip
  • When the face is relaxed, the hyperactive upper lip is typical in length. However, when smiling, it rises too high, revealing a lot of gum tissue.
  • Gingival hypertrophy, often known as long or oversized gums.
  • Vertical maxillary excess, an overgrowth of the top jaw that causes protruding gums.

As the primary elements that determine the aesthetics of your smile, your teeth, lips, jaws, and gums, you may note that the reasons are all connected. It all comes down to proportion and alignment. So, if even one piece of the grin jigsaw is incorrect, it can affect the others. There is usually little you can do to avoid a gummy grin because the disease that causes it is inherited.

How Is Gummy Smile Treatment Done?

gummy smile

It’s possible to treat gummy smile with several treatment options. If a jaw problem or an incorrect bite is the root of your gummy grin, orthodontic treatment may be a viable solution.

Your gums may show less when your grin is properly aligned, which will minimize the look of your gummy smile. Consult your dentist or orthodontist to determine whether orthodontic treatment is the best course of action for your gummy smile.

If there aren’t any significant underlying problems that are producing your gummy smile, veneers or crowns are a viable remedy. Getting a veneer or crown put on your teeth is only a cosmetic operation and won’t make your gummy smile go away if there is an underlying issue that is causing it.

Your dentist or orthodontist will place veneers or crowns on your teeth to give the impression that they are longer and bigger. As a result, this will give the impression that your teeth and gums are more evenly spaced. You can choose with your dentist which method is the best for you.


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