How to Keep a Toothbrush?
How to Keep a Toothbrush?

How to Keep a Toothbrush?

It is also very important to store the toothbrush in a clean environment, just like cleaning teeth. In general, every member of the house has a toothbrush in a container next to the mirror in the bathroom. According to experts, this is not the right method.  Because in the face of research, toothbrushes in the same container constitute bad results for oral health. Therefore, it would be correct to keep each toothbrush in a separate place in terms of health. So how can each individual store their own toothbrush? How to keep the toothbrush together with the bride? Let’s answer the question. At the same time, let’s find out the necessary information about this topic.

Why Should the Toothbrush Be Stored?

The toothbrush is one of the most effective tools to keep oral and dental health safe.

According to the studies conducted by the relevant associations in America about bathroom hygiene, toothbrushes in the bathroom contain a lot of bacteria. At the same time, putting the toothbrush in places such as travel containers or first aid cabinets to keep it away from bacteria is also wrong according to the study.

Another thing we can mention within the scope of the title ‘How to keep a toothbrush?’ is that keeping all toothbrushes in a single container is harmful to human health.  Because they are in a single container, bacteria and fungi can grow in toothbrushes as time passes. In addition, toothbrushes left moist after tooth brushing adversely affect oral health.

According to the opinion of specialist physicians, the way to minimize the spread of germs is to flush the toilet bowl after closing the lid of the toilet. It is also recommended that you continue this process continuously.

Below is ‘how to keep a toothbrush?’  There are tricks that you should pay attention to for the question of welcome.

Tricks to Maintain a Toothbrush

Tricks to Maintain a Toothbrush

If the toothbrushes are not well maintained, there is a possibility of harming the health of the individual. The tricks that should be applied to eliminate this possibility and protect human health are as follows;

  • After brushing the teeth, it is a wrong move to put the toothbrush in a closed container. This is due to the growth of bacteria or fungi as a result of the toothbrush remaining in a damply closed container. To prevent this, a toothbrush should be placed in an open container. ‘How to keep a toothbrush?’ This answer is given in response to the question.
  • After the toothbrushing process is over, it will be correct to wash the toothbrush until the toothpaste in it is completely cleaned. In addition, it is recommended that you place the toothbrush in the container upright so that it dries.
  • Do not store toothbrushes in the same container. Because as a result of the contact of the plug brushes in the same container with each other, virus or bacteria transmission may occur. Because of this, using separate containers for each will help protect your health.
  • Individuals who experience conditions such as oral inflammation or flu infections need to change toothbrushes at regular intervals. In general, a toothbrush should be replaced at least once every 3-4 months. Especially if you observe a difference, bending or opening in the brush bristles, it will be good to replace them immediately.
  • Some toothbrushes have brush bristles with indicators. Thanks to these features, the service life of the brush is understood by the change in the color of the bristles. In this way,you will understand when to renew your
  • In addition, within the scope of the title ‘How to keep the toothbrushes?’, let us remind you that the teeth should be cleaned with toothpaste at least 2 times a day for healthy and beautiful teeth.

How to Store the Toothbrush?

How to Store the Toothbrush?

According to specialist physicians, it is necessary to store the toothbrush in a way that will not remain wet or moist. Some physicians offer a few suggestions for this situation. One of these recommendations is to use two different toothbrushes, morning and evening. So you can let your other brush dry until the next brush.

Apart from this, closed toothbrushes with ventilation holes on them are also recommended. This type of toothbrush reduces dust and bacteria from settling on top of the brush during the day.

‘How to keep a toothbrush?’  Another suggestion is to brush the works and keep them in an open container. The reason for this is to ensure that the brush does not remain in a closed place and dries and does not produce bacteria.

You can reuse it if the toothbrush, which is placed in the container in an upright position, dries. Bacteria can form in toothbrushes that remain damp or wet. Therefore, take care that the brushes dry well.


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