What is Smile Design? How is done?
what is smile design, how done

What is Smile Design? How is done?

Smile design is an application made to give the person’s teeth an aesthetic appearance. Beforehand, the dentist prepares a treatment plan by examining the patient’s mouth structure and problems in his teeth. Then, the correction of distortions in the teeth covers the process of removing color changes. In addition, procedures such as the treatment of gum problems are performed.

The smile design process involves many treatments. Teeth whitening process can give an aesthetic appearance with methods such as bonding, lumineers. In addition, the treatment of caries in the teeth and implant applications can also be included in the scope of ideal smile treatment.

In summary, smile design is a method that can be applied by people who care about dental health. Thanks to this application, the problems in the teeth are eliminated and a more aesthetic appearance is obtained. If you have distortion, discoloration or gum problems in your teeth, you can benefit from the ideal smile treatment by consulting a dentist.

What is Smile Design?

what is smile design

Aesthetic tooth design is the process to achieve a more aesthetic smile by improving the appearance of the teeth. Smile design designs a smile that suits the person’s face shape and personal preferences by addressing many factors such as the shape, size, color and alignment of the teeth.

Ideal smile procedures are carried out through a series of procedures performed by dentists. These procedures include various options such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneering, dental implant, gum shaping and orthodontic treatments. Smile treatment procedures are customized according to the existing tooth structure and needs of the person.

This process not only achieves a more aesthetic smile, but can also increase the self-confidence and self-esteem of the person. These procedures in the field of aesthetic dentistry can help the person to be more successful in social and business life.

How is Smile Design Done?

Smile treatment and design applications change the shape, size and even color of the teeth, allowing people to have a more aesthetic smile. In order to perform aesthetic smile treatment, you must first consult with your dentist to determine which applications are suitable for you. Generally, many correction procedures such as removing stains on the teeth, filling the gaps between the teeth, correcting crooked teeth are performed.

Smile design applications include tooth whitening process, bonding application, porcelain laminate application and zirconium coating applications. Teeth whitening is an application that allows your teeth to be whitened by applying a special gel or with the help of a special lamp.

Bonding application is a process used in processes such as correcting the shapes of the teeth and closing the gaps between them. The bonding process provides a natural appearance after brushing by applying a special substance to the tooth. Porcelain lamination application is the permanent adhesion of a specially prepared coating material to your front teeth on the teeth. Thanks to this application, the shapes of the teeth can change for a long time.

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Where is Smile Design Made?

Smile design is a dental practice that improves the shape and position of teeth, lips and gums for aesthetic and functional purposes. Dentists and special design centers perform this process to make your smile more attractive and healthy. Now let’s provide information on where the smile design is made.

Smile design is done in dentists and private smile design centers. First, you should meet with an experienced dentist or smile design specialist to share your expectations and aesthetic goals. Experts will perfect your smile using a variety of techniques and methods.

During the procedure, an appropriate treatment plan is prepared, taking into account the recommendations of the dentist and the expectations of the patient. In this process, elements such as the color, shape, size and position of the teeth are studied. The design process is carried out with care to achieve an aesthetically perfect result.

The experience of the centers and dentists who perform smile design is one of the conditions for success. Therefore, when receiving design services, it is useful to examine the past experiences and references of the specialist. Remember that with a beautiful and healthy smile, your quality of life will increase and your self-confidence will increase.

Do You Prefer Turkey for Smile Design?

since smile design services

Ideal smile services are quite common in Turkey. We can work with our professional team to give you the smile you dream of. Our dentists offer innovative solutions by following the latest technological developments. Thanks to their experience, they ensure the satisfaction of both local and foreign patients.

Nowadays, the options related to dental aesthetics are very numerous. Smile design is the most popular and even the basis of these options. Design processes can change the color, shape, size, and even the gum line of your teeth. Do you want your teeth to be whiter? Do you want it to be smoother and more proportional? Or maybe you want to make your teeth longer or shorter?

Since smile design services are quite common in Turkey, you can get quality services at a very reasonable price. Moreover, Turkey’s development in health tourism is also a matter of course. You can also benefit from health and tourism by choosing Turkey for the ideal smile.


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