What is Orthodontics? What treatments does it cover?
What is Orthodontics What treatments does it cover

What is Orthodontics? What treatments does it cover?

Healthy teeth and mouth structure are important at any age. Early treatment of all kinds of problems related to the proper alignment of the teeth and jaw structure is critical for a healthy mouth structure. Because it negatively affects many aspects from digestion to beautiful speech, from mouth structure problems to aesthetic appearance. Today, advanced dentistry practices are applied with techniques that can treat even congenital problems. There is an orthodontic area for this. So, what exactly is orthodontics? do you know what ailments he deals with and whom he looks after? Here are all the details about this field of dentistry for those who wonder.

Which Disorders Does Orthodontics Look For?

Orthodontics, which is a frequently pronounced dental practice today, is a branch that is not much information about. People have doubts about the processes in which they encounter dental problems and whether to see these dentists. While it is necessary to see a specialist dentist first in dental problems, this specialist makes some examinations by addressing the patient’s history. If itis g-desired, it will refer you to an orthodontist.

In terms of giving information, if we need to list the common dental problems that this branch of dentistry is interested in;

  • Jaw cyst and jaw trauma
  • In the level differences seen in the lower and upper jaw
  • Congenital jaw problems
  • In jaw form disorders due to incorrect bottle use and finger-sucking habits
  • Jaw closure problems and fractures
  • In form disorders such as distortion and crookedness in the teeth
  • In deformities caused by 20-year-old problems

Orthodontics plays a role.

An orthodontist identifies these tooth and jaw problems and initiates a treatment plan to correct them.

To Whom Is Orthodontic Treatment Applied?

To Whom Is Orthodontic Treatment Applied

There was a misconception about orthodontics, which makes a big difference in your appearance with its healthy tooth and jaw structure when applied by a specialist. This; these dental practices in question were only for children. However, today, 30% of the patients who apply to dentists in this branch are adults. Because the tooth movement required for the jaw and tooth alignment to be healthy can be done at any age.

How Many Months Does Orthodontic Treatment Last?

How Many Months Does Orthodontic Treatment Last

There are many factors that determine how long any dental treatment will take. These vary according to the patient’s biological structure, age, and status of dental and jaw problems. It also depends on the patient’s response to treatment. However, if it is necessary to pronounce a time frame on average, it varies between 1 province and 4 years. In addition, preventive treatments such as apparatus are periodically adhered to. This takes only a few months. The treatment process may also vary according to the method and treatment plan used by the specialist. In addition to these, oral care, which should be meticulous during the treatment of asthma, is another factor affecting the duration of treatment.

Is Orthodontics Aesthetic?

This dental practice, which is made for incompatible and crooked tooth structures, does not pass aesthetically. Because of the proper provision of chewing function, it solves many tooth and jaw problems that cause speech problems. However, these problems cause the person’s mouth not to close completely, jaw posture disorders and crooked teeth, and disrupt aesthetics. Therefore, when treated, it also provides aesthetic benefits. Increases physical attractiveness and improved self-esteem.

Is Orthodontics Harmful?

When applied by a specialist, this dental practice has no harm in terms of teeth. On the contrary, it gives positive results with its applications that treat jaw and dental problems. However, this dental treatment is not without its own risks. These risks can usually develop if the dental care recommended by the specialist during the treatment process is not paid attention to.

Orthodontics, which is applied with the guidance of a specialist dentist, creates visible differences in your oral and dental health with the methods it applies. Therefore, it is recommended to have these treatments without hesitation in case of need.


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