What is Gum Styling? How?

What is Gum Styling? How?

Those who care about aesthetic appearance are interested in many details from the color of their teeth to their ranking. However, the gums also have an important place in terms of aesthetics. When the gums look healthy, pink and even, the teeth will have a more beautiful and regular appearance. However, in some people, the gums may be large or small outside the normal dimensions. This is where gum styling comes into play.

Gum shaping is a procedure that aims to achieve a more aesthetic appearance by reshaping the gum line. Gum shaping is performed by reducing excess gum tissue or renewing gum tissue. Thanks to this procedure, the teeth gain a more symmetrical appearance and a more aesthetic appearance is obtained.

What is Gum Styling?

Gum shaping is a cosmetic dental procedure performed to ensure the proportional and aesthetic appearance of the gums and teeth. This process is carried out by removing excess tissue from the gums or correcting the level of the gums.

what is gum styling

Gum regulating is used to eliminate gum problems that cause teeth to appear larger or smaller. For example, if your teeth appear smaller than their normal size, this is usually due to gum recession. This process allows the teeth and gums to gain a proportional and natural appearance. Since gum shaping is a procedure performed by dentists, it is recommended that you consult a dentist before having this procedure. However, after this procedure, the gums may become sensitive and you may feel tenderness for several days. Therefore, it is important to follow your dentist’s recommendations after gum shaping and to take care of your teeth regularly.

Gum shaping allows teeth and gums to gain a proportional and aesthetic appearance. This procedure is a frequently used procedure in the field of dental aesthetics and is applied by dentists. If you have gum problems, you can correct the appearance of teeth and gums with gum shaping process.

How is Gum Shaping Done?

Gum treatment is one of the dental aesthetic services. When the anatomical tooth structure has a healthy and neat shape, smiles look more attractive and natural. Gum shaping is a procedure to replace or reshape the gum line. It is usually performed by dentists who are interested in dental aesthetics. The procedure can make your teeth appear longer or shorter. You may also change parts of the gum line that are not smooth or affect the appearance of your teeth.

Gum shaping is primarily performed with local anesthesia. Unnecessary tissues in the gum line are removed using a special device. During the procedure, the tissues around the gums are carefully shaped and a smooth appearance is obtained. The shaping process can also be done to make your teeth look longer by removing unnecessary gum tissues to make the teeth look less. After gum shaping, the shape and appearance of your teeth become more aesthetic.

Gum shaping gives successful results when performed by a dentist who specializes in dental aesthetics and smile design. After the procedure, the gum line becomes smooth. Thus, the gums offer a more harmonious appearance with the teeth.

Is Gum Shaping Corrected with Dental Aesthetics?

can dental aesthetics be corrected with gum shaping

Today, dental aesthetics is a subject that attracts the attention of many people. In addition to having a healthy tooth structure, having an aesthetically beautiful smile is among the dreams of many people. However, dental aesthetics is not only about teeth whitening or straightening. Gum shaping is also an important factor for an aesthetic tooth structure. So, can dental aesthetics be corrected with gum shaping?

Gum regulation reduces the amount of excessive or asymmetrical tissue in the gums, making the teeth look more aesthetic. When the gums are placed correctly, the teeth appear longer and more proportional. In the shaping process, the gums are cut and shaped by a non-surgical method. This procedure allows the gums to gain a more aesthetic and natural appearance. During the gum shaping process, dental aesthetics can also be corrected. Especially when the gums are excessive, the teeth may appear shorter and disproportionate. With the gum arrangement process, the teeth can be made longer and proportional. In addition, the asymmetries between the gums are eliminated and the teeth gain a more uniform and aesthetic appearance.

Gum regulation is an important step for dental aesthetics. However, it is the method that is not suitable in every patient. For this reason, a dentist should be consulted before the gum arrangement procedure. Then a detailed examination should be carried out. The physician will evaluate the gum structure of the patient and prepare an appropriate treatment plan.

Why is Tooth Shaping Done?

Tooth shaping is a cosmetic dental treatment method applied to correct the size, shape, irregularities and damages of the tooth. Shaping treatment is an effective method applied by dentists. Small changes in your teeth can make a significant difference in terms of the aesthetics of the teeth.

tooth shaping method

The tooth shaping method allows you to correct the shape and size of your teeth. It is an effective solution especially for small problems such as frequent tooth breaks, small diameter fractures, chip or rough tooth edges, tooth spikes, thinning or widening of teeth. The tooth shaping method is also important in terms of the harmony of the teeth together. Tooth shaping is a method that can be applied without any pain or suffering.  There is noneed for anesthesia most of the time during the treatment. According to the condition of your teeth, your dentist starts the procedure by determining the most appropriate treatment method for you. The processing time is usually short and the results appear quickly.

Tooth shaping is a method that will increase the appearance of your teeth and your self-confidence. You can achieve a beautiful smile by correcting problem areas on your teeth. It can be applied either after a regular dental cleaning or by combining it with another cosmetic procedure. The results of the tooth shaping method are memorable and can last for a long time.


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